this process is used on external engine parts that reach hi temperatures, it is good to 2000 degrees F. It will not peel or discolor. Being ceramic based it also has cooling properties on the external metal of manifolds, headers, exhaust pipes.
Testing shows that getting internal exhaust gas to 1540 degrees F for a total of 30minutes does not affect gloss color or adhesion, on top of that there was a 52% reduction in external temperature.
We have completed this process for many automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts. Everything from rock crawlers, race cars, motorcycles, hot rods, diesels, tractors.
To give you an idea of pricing on this process a set of V8 short headers run around $250; Mid Length $300; longs $350. Additional pipes and/or manifolds are additional cost depending on their size and contour. You can e-mail us a picture for quotes.